Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 Days Out!! Well the salt did it's magic....I'm up a pound today 123.5

I've been doing great with all the water intake......I'm drinking 2 gallons a day right now.  This is only for 5 days that I do this and then we cut the water on Friday Night!

I got my workout and my stepmill Intervals followed by my 20 min on the spin bike done.  I was a nice sweaty mess.

I only get one carb today..........already consumed.  I chose an orange : )

Later I need to practice posing.  I've noticed that my abs want to relax and so I'm working on holding them in. 

I will be eating 2 greens and 5 to 6 proteins and 3 servings of fat. 

Seems like a lot to do for one will all be over on Saturday!  I still don't know what I want for after meal.  Not really craving anything right now.

In a bit I have an appt with Sheri to get my roots touched up and some more highlights.

Then later today I will have my grandson Kyle who has increasingly become more active.  He's 9.5 mos old right now and is now pulling himself up on things.  Poor little guy took a header yesterday.  Grandma felt so bad!!  I'm praying I have enough energy to keep up with him today!! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been a Week since my Last Blog~4 Days out

WoW!!  Only 4 Days Left!!  It will be here before I know it!  What's happenend in a week??  Well, I'm down 2 more pounds!!  My metabolism is booming!!  I look forward to every meal!  Only taking in one to two carbs now.  Today it was one.  Feeling pretty good considering!!  What else?? 
Sheri my girlfriend who does my hair has given me the gift of long hair.  She's putting them (clip on extensions) in for my show.  It's going to be fun to have locks to walk on stage with!!  Makes me feel feminine for sure!

 I got my suit!!  I'm renting it from Tamee Marie!!  IT's Beautiful!!  I'm so Excited to wear it and so Glad that I decided to go ahead a rent a different one for this show.

I think I'm just about set!  I'm Excited and Really do Feel like I've Won!!  I am feeling really Healthy and Blessed to be able to do all my workouts!!  My goal was to feel better and get myself heading in a healthier place.  I have now lost or released 10 lbs and that makes a BIG difference with how you feel.  Just that little bit.  My feet are so much better, my arthritis in my joints doing better...I'm making a mental note to myself to make sure I don't gain this weight back!! It's just not worth it!! 

So I have at least 2 to 3 lbs to loose.....some fat and then water~ Tomorrow is the High Salt Day and then No Salt at all until show.......I haven't given much thought to after meal.  I guess I need to start thinking about that : ) I also need to start thinking about Next week and Goals!

I know one of my goals is to start Marketing and getting Ladies out there information on the Buffmother Gathering coming up here Nov 13th on Saturday at the Pleasanton Marriott.  I think I need to do a trail run somewhere too.  I think starting with a 5 or 10K would be good.  I'll save that for another Blog~  It's time for another meal!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intervals at the Pleasanton Ridge Yesterday

11 Days to Go~ This morning has been a good morning!! I feel Great so far……haha….it’s the afternoons when I start getting sleepy : ) To be expected though with limited carb intake.
Yesterday I went to the Pleasanton Ridge and ran Intervals and then running for a total of 40min. I love going up there although it is a drive from here but it’s just so peaceful and great for the soul!! I totally kicked my own butt!! I love a good workout like that!
I also did a Back and Shoulder workout with a little Bi…..weight training is not as intense.
Today I did Chest and a bit of Shoulder too with an extra 20 min. of Spinning bike at a challenging speed.  I totally went into my lactic acid and worked through it.
Weight today 124
Did 6 Sprints on my street~Wow........Totally feel my metabolism now!!  Hungry!!!!! 
I was really proud of the fact that I got my knees up higher and landed better on the balls of my feet. 
I've got plenty of water in and now it's about time for lunch!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

12 Days to Go~Looking for a Drop in weight

My sweet husband left a note on my computer this morning with the countdown.  So.......
Weight Back Up 124.5
Oh that Darn Scale!!  Yesterday was my high carb day.  Only 1200 calories though and it was also a day off of workouts.  The rest felt Great I must say!!  I went to Church with my husband and it was a great!  They had Dave Ramsey on our big screens talking on Life~Money~Hope.  I had never heard of him and didn’t know what to expect.  We were both pleasantly surprised and learned a lot in that one hour.  The funny thing is…….and this is So God at work…….My husband and I had just said that we need to start looking into getting our finances in order.  How perfect is this timing??
To start with 5 principles of finances in order:
1.      Get out of Debt
2.      Act your Wage
3.      Get on a Budget
4.      Save and Invest-Pay Cash for things
5.      Most important GIVE…….the fun part!
These are all principles that my husband and I have been learning the hard way over the years. 
God wants us to be Happy!!  He wants our Hearts to be Happy!!  It’s hard to feel happy when you’re a slave to debt.  We had many a rough years being Slaves.  We did learn a lot about each other in the process though and so not a total loss.
So this week is going to be a tough one as far as physical!!  Up until now I have had limited cardio and have basically been doing weight training and intervals. 
On tap today:
Back, Shoulders, Run for 20 mins intervals and then 20 min steady state and 100 Lunges!
The only carbs I’ll be eating will be fruit : ) and of course Greens : )  So bare with me all~
I'm thinking a Nap will be on Tap at some point today.......Hopefully while I'm watching my grandson and when he goes down for his~
Happy Monday here we GO!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 13 and Sunday Thoughts

13 Days Left!! I’m still at 124 and that will change as my next week my cardio is really increasing. Up until this point I’ve had pretty limited cardio compared to most competitors.
60 Days ago I started at 131.5 and since then have lost 7.5 lbs and almost 10 inches from my body~
So today is my day of rest from workouts for the body. I will go to church and workout this brain with “His” Word. It’s all connected……….mind, body and soul. I don’t know how I fell off of going to church as I really do love to hear the sermon and singing worship fills me up! I have to confess that last week was my first day back in a long time. The cool thing is they haven’t moved and God is Always Here!!
Last year there was what I call a wakeup day to me. It was 4th of July 2009. I ran a 5k with my friends Lori and Pam that day and there‘s a picture that was taken that day and when I saw it I wasn‘t happy. I could see how weight had crawled back on me over the past year. I was really doing way too much social drinking and eating and it was starting to take a toll on me. I had so many feet problems which are so much better now.  I was 10lbs heavier here~
So I have vowed to myself that I will not fall into the same habits after this competition. My body just can’t handle it and it’s not worth it to me!! I like to feel GOOD!! I like to look in the mirror and know that I’m Being the Best that I can Be!! The Best at what God wants me to Be.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 Weeks Out from Today!!

I am going to compete one more time~ I really didn't think it would be in my cards again but I had this pull to do it one more time.  I like to have Challenges and I like Discipline and competing provides both.  As a new grandma, a grand daughter, daughter, wife, and mom I needed to do something for myself and I love working out and the diet is great for my Fibro so it just seemed the thing to do at the point in time.
I just took my pictures and stats which I will add as I learn to navigate through this new blog of mine.
I am being trained my Michelle Berger AKA Buffmother!!  She's the Best!!  She's so passionate about what she does and wants to see each of us in the Rally Room Succeed!!  This will be the second time she's lead me to the stage.  The first time I placed 1st in my age and 1st in my class.  That show was in Livermore two years ago.  This show will be a bigger show and so I'm kind of nervous but then just happy to be making my way to the stage at this point in life with all that I've over come! 
I feel Blessed to have my health and Gods guidance along the way~