Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle!! One Year Old Now~ Time Flys

 The camera face!!  He does this now when the light to the camera comes on~As you can see 4 teeth now : )
So much Fun!!  This has been my job the past year.  Babysitting Kyle!  I'm Loving it!!
He's sure starting to get around and keep this grandma BUSY!  Gone are the days where he sleeps alot.  He's on the move with so much to do and so much to learn.  He's saying Mama, Dada, Thank You and lots of other geberish.  He just learned to clap his hands the other day and so that's the latest.  He barks like a dog when you ask him what a doggie says.  He has a fixation on feet and hair.  Loves doggies,kittys, books and balls!!  He's into throwing them now.  Reminding me all to well of what boys are about and what the future holds.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love that he's with me and that were able to afford for me to be home taking on the responsibility.  He really is a Blessing as are all children~

Happy Birthday Kyle!  May you have Many More Years of Happiness and Growth! 12-16-10