Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recipes for Clean Eating~

Making changes to the way you eat can be challenging.  It's 80% of our Success.  But where do you start?  Start by cleaning out your frig and pantry.  Look at the labels.  Get rid of anything with High Fructose Corn Syrup.  If it's White, you don't need it........Sugar, flour, rice, potatoes.  Shoot for things that will keep your blood sugar stable and not cause spikes.  You can google the lower glycimic food choices out there so you know the better choices.

We are so Blessed with so much out there now.  It's easy and cheap to find recipes that will fit into our life and find the info that we need.  Just Google it!!

I'm adding some links that might help some get started:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Powerful Expectations

This was written by Ralph Marston whom I happen to think is Awesome!  Great Wonderful Words to Marinate in~ 

Powerful Expectations~

What are you doing when you're not thinking about what you're doing? You're busy fulfilling the most sincere expectations you have for yourself.
That's why your expectations are so important. They take control during the times when you lose yourself in whatever you're doing, and thus they exert a powerful influence. When you truly expect something, it's like programming your mind to seek it out every chance it gets. Expectations have a way of becoming reality even in the moments when you're not aware that you're making them happen.
Your genuine expectations of others work in a similar fashion. The expectations you have for someone else are communicated to that person in a way that can easily override whatever you do or say on a conscious level.
Real, ingrained expectations go beyond intentions, beyond pronouncements, beyond the surface, to a level that is deep and undeniable. Whatever you truly expect to happen, is very likely going to happen.
So expect the very best, of yourself and of others, with sincerity, conviction and persistence. Almost as if by magic, it will come to be.
-- Ralph Marston

I Just Love this Line...........
Whatever You Truly Expect to Happen, is Very Likely Going to Happen!!

If you Expect to have Success!!  It can be yours~
If you Expect to Fail~  It will be yours~

Choose Success!!  Expect the Very Best!!  "Work" toward what it is that you're seeking~

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's in Your Shopping Cart?

My choices have sure changed over the years.  It's been a gradual learning process as to what's healthy and what we'll get me to the goal I am trying to achieve.  What works well with time constraints, budget and so on.
These day's I'm buying a lot of organic foods and basically shop 3 places.  I go to Costco, Safeway and Trader Joe's.  Sometimes I get to Whole Foods but it's a drive and so that doesn't happen to often. Sometimes I go to the local produce stand, but that's usually when the weather is nice.  I can afford to buy the Organic now but years ago when I first started changing my diet and had a family and was on a budget I went with regular grown.  I think organic taste better.
I would love to have the land to raise my own chickens, grow my own garden and have my own fruit trees but I don't and so these are some of the foods that I shop for frequently.


Organic Eggs
Organic Frozen Blueberries and Fresh ones when in season
Organic Apples
Organic Chicken
Atlantic Salmon
Organic Carrots
Green Beans
Organic Chicken Stock
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Ground Beef or the frozen Chubs of Ex Lean Ground Beef
Quaker Oatmeal
Organic Raisins
Japanese Green Tea
Chicken Apple Sausage
Smart Water

Trader Joe's

Brown Rice Tortilla's
Organic Frozen Brown Rice- Cooks in 3 min in the microwave
Frozen Steal Cut Oats- Cooks in 3.5 minutes
Organic red bell peppers
Organic Romaine Lettuce
Organic Canned Pumpkin- When in season
Organic Unsweetened Applesauce
thin pork chops


Organic Baby Leaf Spinach
Organic Bananas
Frozen Petite Brussel Sprouts
Unsalted Fresh Ground Almond Butter
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Quaker Rice Cakes
Lundenberg Rice Cakes
Ex Lean Turkey
Ground Bison
water chestnuts
No Salt Small Curd 1% Cottage Cheese
Best Foods Olive Oil Mayo
Good Belly Priobotic Plus Blueberry Acai Flavor
Rice pasta
and so Much More..........

Oh and I get my protein powders from  They have Excellent Customer Service!
My favorite Protein Powder is:  Magnum Quattro  It doesn't give me gas, shakes up easy, and taste great!!  It is a bit pricey though...........second runner would be "ON Whey"  Optimum Nutrition.  It's cheaper, shakes up great too and they have a ton of flavors.  It doesn't bloat me either.

For adding muscle and Recovery:  Branch Chain Amino Acids, L Glutamine, NO XS, NoXplode

I also use Juice Plus to get my vitamins.  I take Fish Oil, Calcium with D, Focus Factor, Vit E, Move Free for joints and Buffing and Boosting pills.

I'm always interested to try new things and I love when I see what other people are doing and eating.  I hope this Blog may have given you some ideas and something new for you to try : )


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Editing Your Choices for Daily Living~Don't say DIET!

Editing your Choices for Daily Living~
I saw this the other day and I thought that’s a great word.  I don’t like the word DIET  because most people think of diet and they need to eat foods that only a rabbit would be interested in.  You can only do that for so long and then it gets hard and frustrating and you always feel weak.  Who Wants to Live Like That?
In my younger years I tried many DIETS and not one of them were sustainable. 
Take that word though and change it around and you get EDIT. 
Learn how to Change your Food Choices to get give you a Healthy Body which in turn will give you a Better Life and will not leave you feeling hungry, tired and cranky.
I remember when I started to edit my foods I had no idea what to eat to turn myself around.
Body For Life is a book that really opened my eyes as to what Choices I need to make to help me reach my goals.  Body For Life……….this is your Body For Life and you NEED to figure out how to EDIT what you’re doing.  It also taught portion control without having to count calories.  At that time counting calories wouldn't have worked for me. I didn’t have the time or energy.  I could eye a portion though which was better than what I was doing before.  It also showed many transformations of people that were successful in applying the Changes in Food, how you pair your foods together, and how you workout to get you on a Better Road for Life.  I’m very thankful that I found that Book because it really was a Great Tool for me and helped to transform me into feeling and looking better.
Here is a foodlist that I used to help me:

MEAT/POULTRY – 4oz portion
Frozen, skinless chicken breasts
Low-fat sliced chicken or turkey deli meat
Eye of round beef steak
Turkey burgers
Lean ground beef
Ground turkey
New York choice lean sirloin steak
GRAINS/Carboydrates- no bigger than a fist full
Old-fashioned oatmeal
Whole-wheat tortillas
Whole Wheat Bread- 1 slice
Brown rice
Water chestnuts
Low sodium dill pickles
Spinach leaves
Fresh tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Sweet potatoes
Romaine Lettuce
OnionsRed potatoes
Green Beans
Fresh mushrooms
Canned kidney beans
Garlic powder
Cloves of fresh garlic
Dill weed
Chili flakes
Chili powder
Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Italian vinaigrette
Low-fat mayo
Cooking spray
Grated low-fat Parmesan cheese
Low-fat cheese slices
Shredded low-fat American cheese
Shredded low-fat Mozzarella cheese
Low-fat String cheese
Fat-free sour cream
Skim milk
Low-fat cottage cheese
Fresh eggs
Egg substitute
Low-fat yogurt
Canned tuna packed in water
Salmon filet
Sugar-free syrup
Fresh lime juice be mindful of added sugar
Light teriyaki marinade
Almonds/slivered almonds
All-natural peanut butter
Green enchilada sauce
Soy sauce
Lime juice
Sugar free applesauce
Baking powder
Lemon juice
Mixed nuts
Ketchup use sparingly because of sodium content
Dijon mustard

Editing your life is all about Steps and moving forward and applying them.  As you begin to change your body will ask you for more.  You see how good each change makes you feel and your body will actually hunger for more.
I found Buffmother.Com a couple of years after Body For Life.  This took me yet to another level of feeling good, becoming even more in tune with my body, and support and encouragement from other women.  At the time I found Buffmother I was going through Peri Menopause and I read some of what Michelle had on her website.  I was that woman that was deeply affected my PMS.  I knew that what she was preaching was true.  She had a write up on supplements that you could take to help with the symptoms and I had already been taking some of them and found relief and so her words got my attention as I knew that she was on to something.
 She now offers her Hormonal Timing Pills that have the supplements in them so you don’t need take a bunch of pills to find the same relief.
This was taken from her website

After realizing that these symptoms came at the same time each month, I finally connected my symptoms to PMS. My PMS was negatively impacting every aspect of my life for about 2 weeks of every month! As I researched the subject I found that many women, as they have children and enter into their 30’s, have more PMS symptoms. Up to 85% of women suffer some of the 150 symptoms called PMS.
What caused my PMS? I am very healthy and fit, so why was I suffering so badly? My knowledge of nutrition led me to a possible nutrient deficiency. I started simple supplementation of key “hormonal support” nutrients including: B-6, magnesium, calcium, vitamin E and B-12.
Three months into my faithful supplementation I had my first symptom free cycle!!
Every female needs to realize the important role that vitamins and minerals play in supporting our natural hormonal cycle. Regardless of whether or not you suffer negatively from PMS, the female hormonal cycle affects every woman. As the mother of 3 young girls, I believe that from birth there is a “time of the month” for every female.
If you do suffer PMS, there is hope before turning to an antidepressant or taking the pill for relief, please try following Hormonal Timing and taking The Hormonal Timing pill. My key breakthrough came when I realized that my body needed required special supplementation depending on each particular phase of my monthly cycle. The Hormonal Timing Pill uses next generation technology to help minimize the negative effects we feel from our hormones each month (PMS).
Remember YOU are in control of your body, life and legacy.

Buffmother also uses a simple guideline for eating called KISS.  5 proteins a day, 4 Carbs a day, 3 Healthy Fats a day, 2 or more Greens, and 1 small treat if you’re working on your Metabolism.  When you’re trying to loose weight you drop a carbohydrate and a treat.
Part of success to Editing your Life is who you surround yourself with.  What kind of support and encouragement you get.   I found my support at  This for me was a community of likeminded women who all wanted the best for each other.  In this community we share our workouts, eating, new food finds, life……it’s a positive place where you can be accountable and find Inspiration and Hope!! 

Editing your choices is a process.  Don’t think you need to be Perfect to make your changes work.  Remember this is your Body for Life and there’s going to be those days when you fall off of your good Choices.  You do however need to get back in the game when you do and don’t Wait for Next Week on Monday to get started!!  Start TODAY with what you know!  I’ve been there before too……..”Wait till Monday” is a concept that leads to failure and makes you feel awful.  In high school my wait till Mondays added an extra 10 pounds on me and I know for many other people it’s worse.
Get started TODAY!!
Change your LIFE NOW!! 
It’s NEVER too late! 

1) Edit your Food Choices (Eat 5-6 small meals a day)
2) Add some Exercise into your Life
3) Find a Support and Accountability System
4) Supplement your body

In my next Blog I’ll be sharing Food Choices and what I put into my "Shopping Cart" Today.
My protein, carbohydrate, fats, and green Choices. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Compete against yourself, not others, for that is truly your best competition

·        "The most important thing is to love your sport. Never do it to please someone else - it has to be yours. Compete against yourself, not others, for that is truly your best competition." Olympic Figure Skater Peggy Fleming

I like this quote from Peggy Fleming.  I think it applies to life as well.  The most important thing is to love your life.  Love who you are.   Love what you’re doing with your life and ask yourself is it pleasing to who you are.  This is your competition.
I have grown is so many ways over the years and still have a way to go but I’m really learning to embrace where I’m at and who I am as I continue to move forward and gain more knowledge.  I’m not here to please other people with the choices I make.  I’m here to please myself and God.  This is my competition and journey.  I’m on my road working my way at becoming the Best I can Be, the Best at what God wants me to be. 
I’ve always been a person excepting of each person’s unique differences.  We’re not all put on this planet to like the same things, be the same.  My brothers are different and blessed in many ways.  I admire them for their own strengths and I’m like that with my friends as well.  If you look at my friends over the years they’re all so very different in so many ways.  I admire them for who they are and their own journeys as they live and grow. 
 I learned a lot about myself when I competed in my first figure competition.  It was another time in my life of growth. It was at this time that I learned that I can’t please everyone and that the most important thing I could do was to please myself.  I'd been a pleaser my whole life and so this was a huge lesson for me.
We need to have passion and love for what we’re doing and who we are.  If we don’t have it then it will be hard to give ourselves fully to anyone.
I like discipline, I like feeling strong, I like where both of these choices take me.  It makes me happy to challenge myself with both.
I will cherish some cards that I received from my children after my competitions.  I have actually done three now.  (I’m done as far as competitions go with other people.  As stated in Peggy’s statement….the BEST competition you have is with yourself and I’ll continue to challenge myself without getting on stage.) 
The notes Read:
You Did It! From start to finish, from then to now, from dream to reality~
Mom, Congrats on your competition!  I am so proud of you.  You are such an encouragement to me and everyone else.  It is amazing what persistence and determination will do.  This is an awesome defeat.  I love you and am so happy for you.  Love Jessica.
After this last competition both my daughters gave me this card:
You Made It Happen ~Congratulations to incredible you~
Mom,  You look incredible!  You’re a winner because you’re doing what you Love.  We love you and are proud of you.  Love Janine and Kody
Mom, You are one hot mama and grandma.  We are so proud of you.  You are amazing.  Love Always Jessica, Dave and Kyle.
I post these notes because to me they have such Huge meaning and value to me.  When I begin this quest for change within myself I had many guilty feelings that I was doing too much for myself.    I think us women/mothers/wives are torn with that a lot.  We don’t feel we are worthy to take care of ourselves or pursue what makes us happy.  We think that we need to take care of everyone else first.  Well if I would have listened to that negative and worried I would never have pushed forward and have been where I’m at today and my daughters would have missed a great lesson as well. 
As Janine stated so well~ You Are a Winner because you’re doing what you Love!
I Love that Line!!  It means alot to me that I have support and encouragement.
My hope and prayer for my friends and family is for them to be healthy, happy and doing what they Love! To be Winners!  Life is short~ Make the Best of Each Day!!  Be the Best that you can Be!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sculpting a Body with Definition~

Sculpting a Body with Definition~

I had this crazy metaphor last year.

If you take a body and assume it's like a piece of clay and you want to sculpt it how would you do it?

First you would need to add some clay to the body( Muscle ) and then use your water and tool (cardio ) to shed the unwanted areas around the clay you've added so that you can see the curves that you desire.

The mistake I see people making......1st of the year.......they get into the gym and think cardio cardio cardio!!

That's like taking your body and throwing water, water, water on it and what you end up with is a thinner version of what you started definition, no muscle tone and wondering why you can't reach the goals that you want. 

The Great thing about Michelle's Hormonal Timing is that it is a program that really sculpts you and turns you into a fat burning machine.  You don't need tons of cardio to make it happen. 

You focus for two weeks on Building (Boosting) adding muscle.  How do you add muscle?  By Challenging yourself and focusing on increasing your strength with the weights you pick up each time. Getting enough rest in between, Eating meals and enough calories so that you FEED those muscles and get proper sleep at night.

Then right when you're done with that and ready to shed some extra clay(fat) you begin to work on leaning out (Buffing....add the water)for two weeks and adding that extra cardio in, the challenging weight workouts (clay tools) that you move a little quicker through your program, cutting out some extra carbs  and calories(no more adding clay, just maintain it).

When you do this with your Cycle and work with your hormones you will see how it truly makes sense!!
If you stick with it you will end up that nice sculpture that you were looking for.

I say put yourself on the Wheel and get to work!!  


Here is my workout and eats for the day~

So today was LEGS again
Went like this
10 min warmup every other step on the stepmill
BB Squats
20@just the bar for a warm up
BB Walking Lunges
16 STEPS@90# X 2
16 STEPS@100# pb pb pb
The only way this could happen is for Lori and I to both be there because we help each other get that BB on our shoulders and then we exchange the bar shoulder to shoulder.
Leg Press Legs Narrower than normal
Leg Extensions
Leg Curls One Legged
Then we did 20 Intervals on the Spin bike.......Legs were screaming!!  Made sure we stretched

1) Good Belly, 1/2 C oatmeal, 1/4 Pumpkin, Almonds, raisins, 5 egg whites on the side
worked out
2) 1 c unsweetened almond milk, vanilla pp, spinach, 1 TBSP Lemon Zest Fish Oil, 1/2 banana and then 1/2 an apple on the side
3) 10 almonds
4)  Ex Lean Ground Beef patty made with egg, spinach, oats, and onions, ketchup, brocolli, 1/2 apple
5) Vanilla PP, with PB2 Choc, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
6)  Crock pot chicken with carrots, onions, celery, over brown rice
Before Bed: Egg whites or cottage cheese

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleep............Awww it Feels so GOOD!!

Sleeping  It worked........  My workout kicked my butt yesterday and I slept like a BABY!!
It felt so Good!!
Sleep is just so Important!  Here is a snipet from the LanceArmstrong Website on Sleep and the importance of good sleep and weightloss. 

The human body requires fuel in order to function correctly. Just as a machine would malfunction if you take away an essential part, the body fails to operate in a competent manner if you remove an essential component. Sleep is a crucial element to retain energy and stamina throughout the day. In addition, sleep supports the maintenance of balancing in hormone levels, which significantly affects body weight and body fat. A good night's sleep allows the body to restore the physical and mental stresses of the day and provides the body with the vital means to function correctly.

The Link Between Sleep and Weight

Although researchers are still in the initial stages of finding the comprehensive medical correlations between sleep and weight loss, studies show that people who get an adequate amount of sleep each night (6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep) generally weigh less. It makes sense that sleep supports weight loss; the amount of sleep you are able to get significantly affects two of the hormones in the human body that influence the appetite. Grehlin is a hormone in the body that enhances appetite and can lead to weight gain. Leptin is a hormone in the body that represses appetite and can support weight loss. A lack of sleep disturbs the hormonal balance and the body suffers; the result of insufficient sleep leads to an increase in Grehlin and a decrease in Leptin levels, which inevitably leads to weight gain.

Read more:

So everyone get Good Sleep!! 

I am so SORE from Leg Day yesterday!!

So today was Chest, Tris and Intervals on the Stepmill

Warm up on the Stepmill 10 min

BB Chest Press
Warm up with Bar 20ct
Incline BB Chest Press
Incline DB Chest Flys
Unassisted Dips
Tricep Pushdowns on the outside bar/Tricep Pull outs drop weight
30#@10 20@10x3
20 min Stepmill Intervals
Low speed 12
High Speed 12,14,16,18,18,18,18.........I try and run through those 18 speeds
Nice sweaty mess!
1) 1/2 C oats, Frozen blueberries, smidge of almonds, and 4 egg whites on the side
2) Barleans Lemon Zest Fish Oil, Vanilla PP, Spinach, 1/4 banana, unsweetned almond milk
3) Tuna, Olive Oil Mayo, 3 brown Quaker rice cakes (21Grams carbs)
4) Chocolate PP and PB2 with unsweetned almond milk (Yummy....taste like a dessert)
5) Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans

I have a feeling that I sleep well tonight too!  I'm tired!
I figure we'll Boost until Saturday~


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jamaica Challenge Continues~

I totally feel off the wagon last night : (  Stress got the best of me and I went for food which I haven't done in a while.
Weight as a result 131.5 this morning : (  I had PMS casserole (canned soup, chicken, mixed frozen veggies, cheese, and pasta) cause my dh forgot to take it yesterday morning to his moms and then after a talk with my youngest DD about her goal to move didn't go so well I ate that and  I dipped into chocolate covered pretzels and I ate my 2 Dove chocs from Christmas.  NOT GOOD CHOICES AND NOT GETTING ME TO MY GOAL.  So what do I do now?  I get back on my horse and KNOW that my choice to do that last night didn't fix a thing and just derailed me a bit.
So sleep again............not so good.  Slept hard until 3:30 again and then was wide awake.  Thinking too much about both DD and MIL.  Both are struggling right now for different reasons and I just pray for both of them that they can find happiness.  Life can be so hard. It is throughout the hard times though that we learn so much.  Today a friend sent me an email with a book selection he thought his friends would be interested in....Let Go and Let God.  I think I need to read it.
Yesterday I just did 30 min fat burning cardio at home and 20 min of Yoga which I needed badly.  I'm just SO not flexible and my body is so tight.  I'm trying to get that arch back into my back.  I had plans to do chest and tris as well and was out too long with other DD at the mall and then we went and visited my parents with Kyle and got home too late. 
Today I had a Great Workout!  I put those bad choices from last night to work!!  Between that and some NoXplode I felt Great! I had a POA on my walking lunges of 16 count @ 80#BB 8 count@ 80# and then 8ct @ 90#.......our goal is to get to 110#.  I think we can do it fairly fast!
This is how the workout went:

BB Squats
Warm up with bar

Then we did the Walking lunges

Leg Press Feet High and shoulder length



Leg Extensions
Didn't keep good track on the weights

One Legged Ham Curls

I made sure I stretched for several minutes after and then between sets

Later when I got home from meeting Janine for lunch I did

5 min jumping rope
30 min Elliptical


 Tonight I pray I sleep better Sleeping

Eats today have been:

1) 1/2 oats, frozen blueberries, tish of sliced almonds, and 4 egg whites on the side
Worked out
2) Vanilla PPowder, Spinach, Fish Oil, 1C Almond Milk and a 1/2 banana
3) 1/2 apple and 2 walnuts
4) 4 oz chicken, Brown Rice Tortilla, Smidge of Olive Oil Mayo
5) Almond Milk and Vanilla PP
6) Lean Ground Beef patty and broccoli
7) 4 Egg Whites before bed

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Jamaica Challenge is ON!!

These pictures were taken in November at the Buffmother Event before the Holiday Season.  Since then I've added some bodyfat with choices I made through the Holidays.  The plan now is to get rid of the fat before I need to wear a suit in Jamaica.  Why do I push myself so hard, why do I care what I look like when I'm there?  I guess I'm an OA~Over Achiever as my brother would say.  I know I'll feel my best when I'm at my desired weight.  I want to feel my best when I'm on vacation. I don't want to have to think about the 5lbs I know I'll regain while I'm enjoying myself there.  I went to Hawaii a couple of years ago without loosing the weight first and it really bothered me and so I know the difference. 
It's for Me.

So how do I plan on getting to my Goal of 123/124~

My POA (Plan of Action for 30 Days)
You have to have a PLAN

Monday 1/10-  Chest, Tris, Abs, and 30 min Fat Burning Cardio~Boost
Tuesday 1/11-  Legs, Abs, 30 Min Cardio~ Boost
Wednes 1/12-  Back, Shoulders, Biceps, 20 min Intervals on Stepmill~ Boost
Thursday 1/13-  Off or something at home.  Listen to my body
Friday 1/14-  Legs, Abs, 30 min Cardio~ Boost
Saturday 1/15-  Chest, Tri's, Abs, 20 min Intervals on the spin bike~ Boost
Sunday 1/16- OFF Church
Monday 1/17-  Chest, Tris, Abs and 20 min Intervals on the Stepmill~Buffing
Tuesday 1/18-  Legs, Abs, 30 min Fatburning on the Recumbant Bike~Buffing
Wednes 1/19-  Back, Shoulders, Biceps, 20 min Intervals on the Stepmill~Buffing
Thursday 1/20-  Off or something at home.  Listen to my body~Buffing
Friday 1/21- Legs, Abs, 40 min Fat burning cardio~Buffing
Saturday 1/22- Something at home~ Buffing
Sunday 1/23- Church OFF
Monday 1/24- 20 min Fat Burning on elliptical, Superset Chest, Tris, Abs and 30 min cardio~Buffing
Tuesday 1/25- Plyo Ham and Bootay focus Legs, Abs, 30 min cardio~Buffing
Wednes 1/26- 20 min fat burning cardio elliptical, SS Back, Bis, Abs, 20 min Intervals on the Stepmill
Thursday 1/27- Off or something at home~Listen to body
Friday 1/28- SS Shoulders, Legs, 30 min fat burning cardio~Buffing
Saturday 1/29- SS Chest, tris, Abs, Sprints~ Buffing
Sunday 1/30- Church OFF~  Planned Cheat
Monday 1/31-  30 min Fatburning Cardio and 30 Min Boot Camp at home~ Buffing
Tuesday 2/1- Plyo Legs Ham and Bootay Focus, Abs, 30 min cardio~ Buffing
Wednesday 2/2- 20 min cardio, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, 20 min Interval cardio~ Buffing
Thursday 2/3- OFF Listen to Body~Buffing
Friday 2/4- 10 min cardio, SS Legs, Abs, 30 min Fatburning Cardio~Buffing
Saturday 2/5- 20 min cardio, SS Chest, Tris, Abs, ~Buffing
Sunday 2/6- OFF Church and Packing
Monday 2/7~ 30 min Fatburning Cardio, Full Body workout~
Tuesday 2/8 ~~~~~~~Jamaica!!

So 80% of my success will be in my eating.  Boosting I'll be taking in the 1500-1700 calories and Buffing I'll be shooting for 1100-1300 range.  I'll be cycling my carbs the last three weeks.  Sundays and Thursdays will be my higher Carb days. 

So there it is............My Plan!  Now all I need to do is follow it.

Today weight up to 129.5 and sleep not as good as the rest of the week.  I do Believe that I'm going into Boosting.  It's hard to know when you're in Menopause.  Watching your weight, Sleep Patterns, Brain Focus, skin help to know where you are through the month. 

Tomorrow I'll be Back!!  My goal for this 2011 year is to be better at Blogging, Get Organized here at home, Get back to Church, Read 30 min a day and be better about relationships and run a half marathon in April in Napa Boothe State Park.  The Beyond is here.........

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Flew Bye and Now 2011 is here!

What a crazy time that was.  I managed to keep up with my workouts through most of the Holidays and I also managed to enjoy lots of social times and treats!  As a result I've packed on some Cookies or should I say fat.  My goal now is to work hard and leave all them cookies on the gym floor before we take off for Jamaica.  I need to get my body ready for a bikini! 

So before I get into my POA of how to shed some pounds I thought I'd share some pictures from the Holidays.
 Here is a picture of my kids and their SO...Kody, Janine, Joshua, Jessica and David
 My brother Steve and his wife Carol.  They spent a week with us and boy did we have fun.  Lots of Wine drinking, Scrabble playing, Cookie eating........well at least for me.  Carol did really well on her diet as she still managed to loose some pounds while out here.  I think she may have given them to me : -/ haha!!
 This is our house and all the kids.  My nieces and their kids, my kids and grandchild, their so's...we had 28 here on Christmas Eve.
 Kyle is very fasinated with the tree.  I don't have pictures now but he's been helping me the last couple of days to remove some ornaments.
 I love this picture.  He's little butt flap says Kyle's second Merry Christmas : )
 This is my mom.  She's looking quite beautiful this Holiday Season!
In this picture family.  My mother in law, Gene and I. 

So that was Christmas.  Then we had New Year's!  Gene and I went to a party.  I'll add pictures tomorrow and also share some of what I hope to accomplish in 2011!

So back to the Plan~
I am doing a Cleanse right now.  It's a good way for me to jump start clean eating and get my liver all happy again.  I'm just using the mild GNC one.  Nothing crazy or anything.  I'm on day 2!

Yesterday I was 132 on the scale.  That should go down fairy quickly.  My goal is to reach between 123 and 125 by Feb 8th when we depart.  I will take measurements in the morning. 

POA for this week:

Monday- I took off.  I needed a day of rest. 
Today Tuesday- Stepmill 20 min Intervals....Level 12 Low end and Highest end was 17.  Chest, Tris and then I did 20 min of Stepmill fat burning.
Wednesday-  Legs, Abs and 30 min Spin Bike Fat Burning
Thursday- Cardio at home and abs.....not sure what yet.
Friday- Lats and 20 Min Intervals on the Stepmill
Saturday-  Sprints outside if it's not raining and abs.
Sunday- Legs and Cardio

I'm back to logging on  It helps me to stay focused when I do that.  My goal right now is around 120+ grams of Protein, 120 grams of Carbs, 300 to 360 calories of Fat, Lots of Greens
I am Boosting!!!