Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Your Story~

In the Rally Room this morning this was posted by one of our ladies............Good Stuff, had to share~

What's Your Story

Received this today in my inbox and it was really what I needed to read. Plus it helped that I have a goal to learn to surf for 2011. Also helps that this is a woman who began accomplishing things during her mid-30's. Gives me hope! The author is Belinda Benn.
What's Your Story
Today I want to talk with you about "your story" and how it's affecting you achieving your fitness goals.
We all have our own internal dialogue or “conversation” that is constantly going on in our head.  Yeah, you are not crazy! It’s these thoughts, arguments and conversations that dictate whether we get to the gym or not, go for that run, swim or bike ride – or just make some healthy eating decisions.
Here are some common stories!
Group 1 – people who think they do not have time to go to the gym and train. They’re too busy, they work too much or they have got a family to take care of.
Group 2 – they think they just don’t have it in them. They have bad genetics and are just like their parents. Worse, they also don’t have the self-discipline and motivation that others seem to have.
Group 3 – they think they are too old. They wish they started a decade ago when they were still young. After all, they’ve lost a lot of flexibility, maybe they even have injuries and their recovery isn’t like that of the 20-year-olds anymore.  PS. Remember I never did any exercise before the age of 37 years!
Groups like these (and there are heaps more) all have the exact same thing in common – stories of all the things people can’t do and why, instead of stories of how they plan to accomplish what they truly want.
Listen, this isn’t some positive thinking voodoo. The truth is, if you stopped and thought about the conversations you are having with yourself you would be amazed how often you’re talking yourself out of the things you really want. If you don’t even believe you can do it, then what do you expect?
Every time you catch yourself saying to yourself some of the excuses I have listed above, correct yourself. Replace the I cant’s by HOW CAN I?
I have no time => I make time
I have bad genetics => but I’m persistent
I lack flexibility for squats => but I’m working on it
Please start to change the story you’re telling yourself, and you will automatically change your actions and results.  That’s how I learnt to surf at age 37.  I told myself, nothing was going to stop me.  No turning back. I bought my wetsuit and board and roof racks and got my butt down the beach before I had a chance to change my mind.  Once I was there, I had no choice but to paddle out.  For the first six month I got washed back to the beach, with seaweed stuck in my hair and sand up my nose, but I always felt an awesome sense of accomplishment afterwards.  And yes, finally one day, I caught my first real wave and I was on a high for a week!

So what’s your story going to be from now on? 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Incorporate these Tips into your Fit Lifestyle~

Sharing some Great Tips I ran Across~

1. It’s not how long, it’s how strong. Incorporate 20 minutes of high intensity cardio at least 3 times a week.

2. Women, make sure to include weight training at least 3-4 days a week. If you add 3-5 pounds of muscle to your body, you will burn 250-500 extra calories per day which equals 3-5 pounds of fat loss per week

3. Visualize the muscles you are working on–this is called the mind muscle connection and it will actually increase tone.

4. Your body hits a plateau with cardio and resistance training in one month so change your weight, reps and exercises accordingly

5. The fastest way to get the body you want is through my power circuit training. Combine 3 upper body exercises and 3 lower body exercises together to make one big set. Do not rest in between and alternate quickly from upper to lower for maximum fat burn.

6. The only muscle groups that really burn fat are the primary muscles like the chest, back, quads, glute and hamstrings. Focus hard on those!

7. You have to eat within an hour of working out to make sure you’re not eating into the muscle for energy. Make sure that you combine proteins and carbs like a blended protein shake with fruit and peanut butter or a piece of fruit with a low-fat string cheese.

8. Don’t just set a weight goal, set a physical goal too like running a 3k or training for a charity marathon. Human beings are competitive and you will spark that inner competition by trying to reach a difficult physical goal.

9. A little thing like changing your music playlist every week can go a long way. The more your mind is stimulated during your workouts, the better your results will be.

10. Instead of focusing on being fat, you’ve got to focus on being fit. If you think healthy, it eventually becomes reality to you.  Focus on how strong you're getting, how well you’re sleeping, and how happy you’re feeling by exercising.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excuses Give Us Permission to Fail~

In the Rally Room we have women from all over the world who are all very like minded and offer information, advice, encouragment, and support.  This was posted there this morning and I had to share. 

It made me reflect on the beginning of my journey to find a healthy me when I was in my 20's.  I read a couple of books that made me realize that I had to stop blamming other people for my choices. If I wanted to change my life and how I chose to live it that "I" would need to take the steps.  It wasn't my past, the people in my was the Now and Me and the choices I made and my Faith in God to help me through~


Excuses Give Us Permission to Fail

By: Nancy Howard : 2/5/2011 7:00:36 AM : 58 comments : 4,225 Views

"If a man really wants something he will find a way, if he doesn't he will find an excuse." Stephen Dolley, Jr.

The above quote was one of the first inspirational quotes I read when I joined SparkPeople over five years ago. It made such an impact on my life that I began to look at quotes or mantras, as some people like to call them, as a blueprint for changing my life.
For me, excuses allowed me not to have to take responsibility for the events in my life, whether that was eating well, making time for exercise or even organizing my home. After all I had so many more important things to take care, therefore excuses became my way of coping--in other words, it wasn't my fault. How could I exercise when I had work or family obligations to take care? How could I eat healthy when I didn't have time to plan and shop? How could I possibly get my finances under control when I just didn't have the time? And the list could go on and on.
When I read the quote from Stephen Dolley, Jr. it was an AHA moment for me. It made me realize that I alone was responsible for everything that happened in my life. I could no longer blame bad genetics for my high blood pressure or a 6th grade P.E. teacher who told me I would never be a runner. It was time for me to grow up and face the music as they say. It was time for me to take responsibility and quit blaming fast food restaurants for the bad choices I was making. No one made me drive to Mickey D's to pick up a serving of extra large fries and a Diet Coke except me.
If I was going to get healthy that meant I had to do the work. I could complain until the cows came home or I could step up to the challenge to make me the healthiest me I could be. However, that did mean that I would have to let go of my need for perfection and just strive to do my best every day without associating guilt and shame for my lack of control.
A few years ago I attended a seminar by one of the country's premier Sports Registered Dietitian's, Nancy Clark, and the words she shared made such a profound impact on me when she said, "Just because you had a not so great breakfast or lunch does not mean you can't have a wonderful, healthy dinner. Every meal brings the opportunity for making healthy choices."
That is true for everything we do. We do not need to wait until the first of the week, the first of the month or even the first of the year to embrace the changes we need to make in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Every small change we make that moves us closer to being who we are meant to be is moving us in the direction to be our true authentic self. Excuses take the responsibility away from us and do not allow us to grow and succeed. We all deserve to be a success, but as long as we have and make excuses we will only give ourselves permission to fail.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Genuine Desire~

Good old Ralph Marston~ I love this! 

Genuine desire

What you most fervently desire pushes you to give the best you can give. In focusing on those things you wish to attain, you'll activate the strength and discipline necessary for their achievement. It is never selfish to desire what you genuinely desire. What's selfish is stifling those desires and declining to give the world your own unique greatness.
The fulfillment you seek will not take anything away from anyone else. In fact, in the process of bringing about that fulfillment you add much value to the lives of those around you.
Real, lasting, meaningful success is built by creating value. Your desire for some particular outcome motivates you to achieve, and as you achieve you lift others up as well.
Those things you are positively passionate about enable you to discover powerful, effective ways of creating new value. When you follow your dreams, you lead other people to theirs.
Listen to the stirrings of your own authentic desires. When you're clear about what you wish to do, there's no limit on how high you can lift the whole world.
-- Ralph Marston

Go after what you Desire!!  In the process of that fulfillment you add much value to the lives around you!  Let's Lift the world~

Friday, February 4, 2011


Over the yeas I've read alot about nutrition and I've come to incorporate many of the Superfoods into my diet. 

Thought I'd share an article from WebMD on the Top Superfoods Everyone Needs~  Cheers to Good Health

'Superfoods' Everyone Needs
Experts say dozens of easy-to-find 'superfoods' can help ward off heart disease, cancer, cholesterol, and more.
By Susan Seliger
WebMD Feature
Imagine a superfood -- not a drug -- powerful enough to help you lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and, for an added bonus, put you in a better mood. Did we mention that there are no side effects? You'd surely stock up on a lifetime supply. Guess what? These life-altering superfoods are available right now in your local supermarket.
"The effect that diet can have on how you feel today and in the future is astounding," says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutritionfor aHealthy Pregnancy, Food & Mood, and The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.
"Even people who are healthy can make a few tweaks and the impact will be amazing," Somer says. "I'd say that 50% to 70% of suffering could be eliminated by what people eat and how they move: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension can all be impacted."
You don't need specific foods for specific ailments. A healthy diet incorporating a variety of the following superfoods will help you maintain your weight, fight disease, and live longer. One thing they all have in common: "Every superfood is going to be a 'real' (unprocessed) food," Somer points out. "You don't find fortified potato chips in the superfood category."

Top Superfoods Offering Super Health Protection

·        Beans
·        Blueberries
·        Broccoli
·        Oats
·        Oranges
·        Pumpkin
·        Salmon
·        Soy
·        Spinach
·        Tea (green or black)
·        Tomatoes
·        Turkey
·        Walnuts
·        Yogurt

Blueberries -- Antioxidant Superfood
Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids, these berries are also high in potassium and vitamin C, making them the top choice of doctors and nutritionists. Not only can they lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, they are also anti-inflammatory.
"Inflammation is a key driver of all chronic diseases, so blueberries have a host of benefits," says Ann Kulze, MD, of Charleston, S.C., author of Dr. Ann's 10-Step Diet, A Simple Plan for Permanent Weight Loss & Lifelong Vitality. When selecting berries, note that the darker they are, the more anti-oxidants they have. "I tell everyone to have a serving (about 1/2 cup) every day," Dr. Kulze says. "Frozen are just as good as fresh." Be sure to include lots of other fruits and vegetables in your diet as well. Remember too that, in general, the more color they have, the more antioxidants.
Omega 3-Rich Fish -- Superfoods for the Heart, Joints, and Memory
"We know that the omega 3s you get in fish lower heart disease risk, help arthritis, and may possibly help with memory loss and Alzheimer's," Somer says. "There is some evidence to show that it reduces depression as well."
Omega-3s are most prevalent in fatty, cold-water fish: Look for wild (not farmed) salmon, herring, sardines, and mackerel. Aim for two-to-three servings a week. Other forms of omega 3s are available in fortified eggs, flax seed, and walnuts. These superfoods have the added benefit of being high in monounsaturated fats, which can lower cholesterol.

Soy -- Superfood to Lower Cholesterol
A study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association (2003) showed that a diet of soy fiber, protein from oats and barley, almonds, and margarine from plant sterols lowered cholesterol as much as statins, the most widely prescribed cholesterol medicine. "Look for tofu, soy milk, or edamame -- not soy powder," says Somer. In other words, soy sauce won't do the trick. One caveat: If you have a family history of breast cancer it is not recommended that you eat extra soy.
Fiber -- Superfood Aids Weight Loss and Checks Cholesterol
A diet high in fiber will help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. As a bonus, because fiber helps you feel full longer, it's a great tool in weight management. Whole grains, beans, fruit, and vegetables are all good sources. Try throwing some beans in your salad, recommends Kulze. "Fresh, frozen, or dried are the best. You can use canned, but they tend to be higher in sodium," Kulze warns.
Tea -- Superfood for Lowering Cholesterol and Inhibiting Cancer
"The overall antioxidant power of black tea is the same as green tea," says Kulze, "but green tea does have ECGC, a powerful antioxidant that we really do think is quite special." A recent Japanese study on green tea found that men who drank green tea regularly had lower cholesterol than those who didn't. Researchers in Spain and the United Kingdom have also shown that ECGC can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. For a double health whammy, replace sugary sodas with tea.
OK, OK, you know the drill: Calcium helps build strong bones and prevents osteoporosis. Look for it in dairy products or supplements. Added bonus: Some studies show that calcium helps with weight loss. Here are the calcium levels recommended for adults by the USDA:
·        Age 9 to 18 -- 1,300 mg
·        Age 19 to 50 -- 1,000 mg
·        Age 51 and over -- 1,200 mg
And Finally, the Yummiest Superfood Yet ... Dark Chocolate
New research has shown that dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and can lower blood pressure. Kulze recommends that you look for chocolate with 60% or higher cocoa content; the darker, the better. In addition, the darker it is, the lower the fat and sugar content. Now that's our kind of health food!
Some of my favorite meals are:

Oatmeal with Frozen Blueberries.  You can throw some walnuts in there too which I do sometimes or oatmeal with canned pumpkin, walnuts or almonds, and cinnamon.

Cooked Lean Ground Turkey and add some pasta sauce, spinach, red bell pepper, black beans, brown rice......Yummy and full of great nutrition!

Extra Lean Ground Turkey with chopped red onions, spinach, egg, and half cup oats.  You can make a meat loaf with it or burgers.

Green Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Spinach, Chicken, Red Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Salsa, Basil, Avocado and Cottage Cheese.

Use your imagination~  There's So Much you can Do just building off the base of Superfoods!!!!