Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's Your Story~

In the Rally Room this morning this was posted by one of our ladies............Good Stuff, had to share~

What's Your Story

Received this today in my inbox and it was really what I needed to read. Plus it helped that I have a goal to learn to surf for 2011. Also helps that this is a woman who began accomplishing things during her mid-30's. Gives me hope! The author is Belinda Benn.
What's Your Story
Today I want to talk with you about "your story" and how it's affecting you achieving your fitness goals.
We all have our own internal dialogue or “conversation” that is constantly going on in our head.  Yeah, you are not crazy! It’s these thoughts, arguments and conversations that dictate whether we get to the gym or not, go for that run, swim or bike ride – or just make some healthy eating decisions.
Here are some common stories!
Group 1 – people who think they do not have time to go to the gym and train. They’re too busy, they work too much or they have got a family to take care of.
Group 2 – they think they just don’t have it in them. They have bad genetics and are just like their parents. Worse, they also don’t have the self-discipline and motivation that others seem to have.
Group 3 – they think they are too old. They wish they started a decade ago when they were still young. After all, they’ve lost a lot of flexibility, maybe they even have injuries and their recovery isn’t like that of the 20-year-olds anymore.  PS. Remember I never did any exercise before the age of 37 years!
Groups like these (and there are heaps more) all have the exact same thing in common – stories of all the things people can’t do and why, instead of stories of how they plan to accomplish what they truly want.
Listen, this isn’t some positive thinking voodoo. The truth is, if you stopped and thought about the conversations you are having with yourself you would be amazed how often you’re talking yourself out of the things you really want. If you don’t even believe you can do it, then what do you expect?
Every time you catch yourself saying to yourself some of the excuses I have listed above, correct yourself. Replace the I cant’s by HOW CAN I?
I have no time => I make time
I have bad genetics => but I’m persistent
I lack flexibility for squats => but I’m working on it
Please start to change the story you’re telling yourself, and you will automatically change your actions and results.  That’s how I learnt to surf at age 37.  I told myself, nothing was going to stop me.  No turning back. I bought my wetsuit and board and roof racks and got my butt down the beach before I had a chance to change my mind.  Once I was there, I had no choice but to paddle out.  For the first six month I got washed back to the beach, with seaweed stuck in my hair and sand up my nose, but I always felt an awesome sense of accomplishment afterwards.  And yes, finally one day, I caught my first real wave and I was on a high for a week!

So what’s your story going to be from now on? 

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