Tuesday, November 23, 2010

California Event for Buffmother~Catching up

How fun was that?  Getting together with a bunch of Buffmothers who are all just as Beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!!

For me it was the first time meeting Liz, Theresa, Jules, Sherry, Emily
I just wished I had more time to spend with each of them.  So much going on in such a short amount of time.  I look at the pictures and realize how much we did get done.
This is how my time went over the course of the days~
I picked up Michelle and Emily from SFO on Wednesday night and we got back to the hotel.
Thursday morning I picked up Michelle from the hotel and we went to my gym and worked out.  Poor Emily was sick all night and so she didn't make it.  My friend Nancy joined Michelle and I and boy did we have a good mish mash full body workout!!  I could feel it for the next several days.  Michelle showed me a ton on form that really helped.  I'm excited to see some more changes come.  We went back to my house and I made Michelle a Spinach, Almond Milk and Protien shake.  We opened up the box that April sent of all the Toffee Boxes and they were just beautiful!  Took Michelle to the car rental place and we got a van and then went back  to the hotel and first thing we walked in the door there was Liz!!  How awesome to finally meet her!!  I had a hair appt and grabbed her and drug her there with me.  She went to the sports bar next door and got some lunch and I got my hair did.  Liz got to meet my hair dresser Sheri which was fun.  So after hair done we went back to the hotel and Teresa and Kathy were getting their photo shoots done. I had to get back home as I still needed to pack myself and also shower and get ready for the evening.  When I got back to the hotel I finally met Sherry and Jules for the first time.  How Awesome......it just kept getting better and better.
That Evening it was Michelle, Me, Kathy, Liz, Sherry, Jules, and Teresa for dinner and Bocci Ball.  The food was really yummy and of course the company Great!  Bocci Ball was alot of fun but boy were we tired!!  Friday it was meeting down in the workout room where Michelle worked with all of us on form in posture and squating.  Good Stuff!!  Brenda and I both had photo shoots and so we headed up to that room to get ready.  There Michelle and Emily worked Magic.  Michelle helped us with makeup and hair and Emily........amazing direction and snapping of the camera.  After mine was over I was famished!!  I scarffed down a chicken sandwich and some sweet potato fries and met up with Liz, Teresa, Kathy, and Jules to go wine tasting at a couple of our wineries.  My friends Susie and Lori met up with us there.  From wine tasting we headed out back to the hotel to meet up with everyone to go to dinner at PF Changs.  It was awesome being with all these women.  There were 12 of us for dinner.  Lori and Susie left and the rest of us went back to the hotel to get ready for some dancing.......   Yes, the party was just getting started!!  My feet were so sore already from the long day of photo shoot and then standing with part of the wine tasting.  The thought of shoes made my feet hurt.  I ended up wearing the most comfy heels that I had of all that I brought.  There were a pair of thigh high boots.  Kind of a bold choice but they worked!!  I got a second wind when we got to the club.
VIP.........man did we feel special!!  I am SO glad that we had that spot so that we could sit and relax as well as dance   Liz and her honey hooked us up with this spot!!  The only way to go!!  Some of us left and hour early and the others closed the place down in true Buffmother form!!
Saturday got up early to go hiking at the ridge.  It was Teresa, Kathy, Theresa, and I.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.  We could not have asked for better weather!!  IT was Amazing!!  Got back from hiking in time to get the van back to the rental place and come back and get ready for the seminar.  The seminar was great but sad as we had a low turnout.  We lived and learned a lot though and so not a loss.  That night we all went to Outback Steakhouse for some good food!!  My friend Sheri who had to miss the event as well came and went to dinner with us and met everyone.  We all left and went back to the hotel and up to Michelle and Emily's room where we viewed everyone's pictures up on the TV.  That was so much fun!!  Felt like I was in HS again!!
Morning came sadly but true.  Took Michelle and Emily to the SF airport and came back to the hotel.  By this time I am just TIRED and needed some food.  I talked Teresa into breakfast there at the hotel.  We had a nice breakfast and then headed up to my room to pack up everything.   That was a job!!  We stopped by my house and unloaded and grabbed my husband and he went with Teresa and I to Wente Winery where we tasted a bit.  Then it was Teresa's time to leave.  Went to SF to drop her off and then DH and I headed back to Livermore where we stopped and had some lunch and caught up with life.
FUN FUN FUN Weekend!!  Just worked out with Lori and she was talking alot about it too!  I also talked with Cris who was there and then Tom came over and said his friend Chris who was there enjoyed it too.......bought the books and want to share with others what they learned.
Lori and I did Back, Bis, Shoulders, Abs today.  No cardio for me..........tired still really.
My focus in now day and my youngest dd wedding coming up in June. 

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