Monday, November 29, 2010

Looking forward to Buffing Now!!

On Saturday I had some women (6) come to my house and basically gave the same information that Michelle gave at the seminar on Hormonal Timing.  We talked openly about what are struggles were, where we want to go, how to get there, supplements, workouts and then I gave a couple of recipes and also made one of them.  Some Power Meat Balls…….Ground beef, Spinach, Egg, Oats, onions.  It was about 2 hours long.  Two of the ladies missed the seminar and the others just wanted a follow up on how to get started.
I did a Nice Leg/Shoulder workout this day!  Totally Boosting which was nice through the holiday. Putting all those yummy foods to work~
Had a PB on the Leg Press of 500lb Feet high and wide and also on BB Shoulder Press 70lb
Yesterday was Back, Biceps and Intervals on the spin bike.  What a compliment I received when a male gym employee came over to get my advice on Back and what exercise he could do to improve his.  I was thinking in my head…..Really??
I am feeling both workouts!!  YAY!!
So now I am ready to BUFF (It's all about keeping the Heart Rate up through my workouts)……….I’m looking Fluffy and I don’t like it!!  So I need to Buff the Fluff!!
I’ve got that Dress I need to wear for New Year’s.

Today I just did 30 min ss on the elliptical at home.  Will probably do something tonight too~
The rest of my POA consists of:
Tuesday-  Intervals and Abs
Wednesday-  Legs, SS cardio
Thursday-  Intervals, ABS or Sprints
Friday-  Upperbody, Abs, SS cardio
Saturday- Off
Sunday- Church and then Legs

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