Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Taking Time Off~

You always hear how it’s good to take a break from working out!  To actually apply this though for a gym rat is tough!   Yes, I am a Gym Rat! You have this fear that you will lose all your gains as you see your body growing softer.  You miss the feel good chemical reaction that happens in the brain from working out.
So as I mentioned, I was forced to taking some time off.  I took two weeks off due to the Poison Oak on my Legs. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve taken so much time off from working out.  I had a really hard time with each day as it passed and then I just relaxed and ENJOYED it.  I indulged and enjoyed family, friends and company that we had visit from Canada.  I ate and drank like everyone else.
I traveled to AZ with my mom to see my son and his new home. 
The time off DID ME GOOD! I was getting really stressed before I left with every little thing and so the Break was a Really Welcome One! 
I am BACK and SO SORE with each new workout! 
My mind is refreshed and I find that it’s very interesting that I’m having a much better mind muscle connection with these past three workouts. 
What I've Learned~
Time Off is GOOD and I NEED to make sure I schedule it! 
Today on Tap now that I completed my Back, Bi, Shoulder and Interval workout-
Shopping for a MOB dress! 
Mother of the Bride!
My baby gets married in less than 8 weeks! 
My 8 Week Challenge has just begun!

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