Friday, March 2, 2012

Jesse Burdick~My Husbands Trainer

This Blog is dedicated to my husband and his success over the past couple of months.  In January we signed him up with a trainer Jesse Burdick out of Cross Fit Gym ReActive gym in Pleasanton to help him reach his goals.  He has of last week (it's changed since then) lost 16 lbs of fat and gained 4 lbs of muscle!  No supplements, just protein shakes, protein from meats and nuts, fats and some greens such as a salad in the day and some green veggies.  We've also had a vacation we went on for a week where we cheated and a couple of desserts, bread but overall kept it clean.  He works out Hard with Jesse 3 days a week for 1 hour.  Occasionally he comes home and he feels like he needs to puke............that's a good workout!  I've been curious to see where all of his health markers have been with the change in diet and weight.  He has high blood pressure and cholesterol and takes meds for both.  Well last week he also go his results from his DR and everything is lowered now as well.  Every marker is better and the Dr told him to keep doing what he's doing. 

So on Wednesday I went with him to one of his training sessions to see what he's been doing.  His trainer knows that I'm an avid gym goer and has been asking my husband to bring me to some training sessions with him.  So I went finally.  Well that lovely picture up there is a picture of a Workout sled.  We used that outside to warm up.  My husband added 45# to mine and his was 90# and we took off.  We dragged the sled with two big ropes for approximately 3 Commercial Sized buildings....not sure how long but MUCH longer than I had pictures it when he was explaining it to me.  We went down to a fence.  On the way back we turned around and pulled it like we were chest presses and pulling really hard tell the sled would land at our feet.  Then we do another pull to bring it closer again until we got all the way back.  That was warm up.  Then we did some stretches for the legs, high knees and such.  Gearing me up for the Prowler!  It was a pink one!!  Got to love that.......then I saw the stack of weights.  Oh NO!  He had me push that Prowler as hard as I could for about 40 yards and then rest a minute....he added weight and I'd do it again......more weight and again........more weight and again.  Until I reached 100lbs  and then he started to shed the weight in between the 1 minute rest periods until it was just me running with the Prowler again and no weight.  I felt like Puking!  Yep, this is why my husband felt (feels) the way he did.  I used every muscle in my body to push that thing!  Loved the exhaustion afterwards!
I can't wait to go back! 
Now my husband also knows my addiction to working out!  How Great it can make you feel! I Love that too! 

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