Monday, September 20, 2010

12 Days to Go~Looking for a Drop in weight

My sweet husband left a note on my computer this morning with the countdown.  So.......
Weight Back Up 124.5
Oh that Darn Scale!!  Yesterday was my high carb day.  Only 1200 calories though and it was also a day off of workouts.  The rest felt Great I must say!!  I went to Church with my husband and it was a great!  They had Dave Ramsey on our big screens talking on Life~Money~Hope.  I had never heard of him and didn’t know what to expect.  We were both pleasantly surprised and learned a lot in that one hour.  The funny thing is…….and this is So God at work…….My husband and I had just said that we need to start looking into getting our finances in order.  How perfect is this timing??
To start with 5 principles of finances in order:
1.      Get out of Debt
2.      Act your Wage
3.      Get on a Budget
4.      Save and Invest-Pay Cash for things
5.      Most important GIVE…….the fun part!
These are all principles that my husband and I have been learning the hard way over the years. 
God wants us to be Happy!!  He wants our Hearts to be Happy!!  It’s hard to feel happy when you’re a slave to debt.  We had many a rough years being Slaves.  We did learn a lot about each other in the process though and so not a total loss.
So this week is going to be a tough one as far as physical!!  Up until now I have had limited cardio and have basically been doing weight training and intervals. 
On tap today:
Back, Shoulders, Run for 20 mins intervals and then 20 min steady state and 100 Lunges!
The only carbs I’ll be eating will be fruit : ) and of course Greens : )  So bare with me all~
I'm thinking a Nap will be on Tap at some point today.......Hopefully while I'm watching my grandson and when he goes down for his~
Happy Monday here we GO!!

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