Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Intervals at the Pleasanton Ridge Yesterday

11 Days to Go~ This morning has been a good morning!! I feel Great so far……haha….it’s the afternoons when I start getting sleepy : ) To be expected though with limited carb intake.
Yesterday I went to the Pleasanton Ridge and ran Intervals and then running for a total of 40min. I love going up there although it is a drive from here but it’s just so peaceful and great for the soul!! I totally kicked my own butt!! I love a good workout like that!
I also did a Back and Shoulder workout with a little Bi…..weight training is not as intense.
Today I did Chest and a bit of Shoulder too with an extra 20 min. of Spinning bike at a challenging speed.  I totally went into my lactic acid and worked through it.
Weight today 124
Did 6 Sprints on my street~Wow........Totally feel my metabolism now!!  Hungry!!!!! 
I was really proud of the fact that I got my knees up higher and landed better on the balls of my feet. 
I've got plenty of water in and now it's about time for lunch!!

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