Saturday, September 18, 2010

2 Weeks Out from Today!!

I am going to compete one more time~ I really didn't think it would be in my cards again but I had this pull to do it one more time.  I like to have Challenges and I like Discipline and competing provides both.  As a new grandma, a grand daughter, daughter, wife, and mom I needed to do something for myself and I love working out and the diet is great for my Fibro so it just seemed the thing to do at the point in time.
I just took my pictures and stats which I will add as I learn to navigate through this new blog of mine.
I am being trained my Michelle Berger AKA Buffmother!!  She's the Best!!  She's so passionate about what she does and wants to see each of us in the Rally Room Succeed!!  This will be the second time she's lead me to the stage.  The first time I placed 1st in my age and 1st in my class.  That show was in Livermore two years ago.  This show will be a bigger show and so I'm kind of nervous but then just happy to be making my way to the stage at this point in life with all that I've over come! 
I feel Blessed to have my health and Gods guidance along the way~


  1. I love it Julie! You are such an inspiration. We are blessed to have YOU in our lives. You are going to ROCK that show in 2 weeks!!

  2. Hi Julie,

    I know that you will totally kick butt. you look awesome girl and if anyone deserves it, its you. We love you and I thank you for being the sweet person that you are! I pray that i pray that i can look half as good as you when im 50!

    Love yah,
    Jessie Ano

  3. WOW Ladies!! Thank You for your Support!! I am so Blessed to have you in my life!!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Julie. I am sure proud of you. You have a wonderful outlook on life.
    You are physically beautiful...but more important you have an inner beauty that radiates all around you.
    Love you lots,
    Aunt Piddy