Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Flew Bye and Now 2011 is here!

What a crazy time that was.  I managed to keep up with my workouts through most of the Holidays and I also managed to enjoy lots of social times and treats!  As a result I've packed on some Cookies or should I say fat.  My goal now is to work hard and leave all them cookies on the gym floor before we take off for Jamaica.  I need to get my body ready for a bikini! 

So before I get into my POA of how to shed some pounds I thought I'd share some pictures from the Holidays.
 Here is a picture of my kids and their SO...Kody, Janine, Joshua, Jessica and David
 My brother Steve and his wife Carol.  They spent a week with us and boy did we have fun.  Lots of Wine drinking, Scrabble playing, Cookie eating........well at least for me.  Carol did really well on her diet as she still managed to loose some pounds while out here.  I think she may have given them to me : -/ haha!!
 This is our house and all the kids.  My nieces and their kids, my kids and grandchild, their so's...we had 28 here on Christmas Eve.
 Kyle is very fasinated with the tree.  I don't have pictures now but he's been helping me the last couple of days to remove some ornaments.
 I love this picture.  He's little butt flap says Kyle's second Merry Christmas : )
 This is my mom.  She's looking quite beautiful this Holiday Season!
In this picture again.......my family.  My mother in law, Gene and I. 

So that was Christmas.  Then we had New Year's!  Gene and I went to a party.  I'll add pictures tomorrow and also share some of what I hope to accomplish in 2011!

So back to the Plan~
I am doing a Cleanse right now.  It's a good way for me to jump start clean eating and get my liver all happy again.  I'm just using the mild GNC one.  Nothing crazy or anything.  I'm on day 2!

Yesterday I was 132 on the scale.  That should go down fairy quickly.  My goal is to reach between 123 and 125 by Feb 8th when we depart.  I will take measurements in the morning. 

POA for this week:

Monday- I took off.  I needed a day of rest. 
Today Tuesday- Stepmill 20 min Intervals....Level 12 Low end and Highest end was 17.  Chest, Tris and then I did 20 min of Stepmill fat burning.
Wednesday-  Legs, Abs and 30 min Spin Bike Fat Burning
Thursday- Cardio at home and abs.....not sure what yet.
Friday- Lats and 20 Min Intervals on the Stepmill
Saturday-  Sprints outside if it's not raining and abs.
Sunday- Legs and Cardio

I'm back to logging on Fitday.com.  It helps me to stay focused when I do that.  My goal right now is around 120+ grams of Protein, 120 grams of Carbs, 300 to 360 calories of Fat, Lots of Greens
I am Boosting!!!

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