Monday, January 24, 2011

What's in Your Shopping Cart?

My choices have sure changed over the years.  It's been a gradual learning process as to what's healthy and what we'll get me to the goal I am trying to achieve.  What works well with time constraints, budget and so on.
These day's I'm buying a lot of organic foods and basically shop 3 places.  I go to Costco, Safeway and Trader Joe's.  Sometimes I get to Whole Foods but it's a drive and so that doesn't happen to often. Sometimes I go to the local produce stand, but that's usually when the weather is nice.  I can afford to buy the Organic now but years ago when I first started changing my diet and had a family and was on a budget I went with regular grown.  I think organic taste better.
I would love to have the land to raise my own chickens, grow my own garden and have my own fruit trees but I don't and so these are some of the foods that I shop for frequently.


Organic Eggs
Organic Frozen Blueberries and Fresh ones when in season
Organic Apples
Organic Chicken
Atlantic Salmon
Organic Carrots
Green Beans
Organic Chicken Stock
Organic Olive Oil
Organic Ground Beef or the frozen Chubs of Ex Lean Ground Beef
Quaker Oatmeal
Organic Raisins
Japanese Green Tea
Chicken Apple Sausage
Smart Water

Trader Joe's

Brown Rice Tortilla's
Organic Frozen Brown Rice- Cooks in 3 min in the microwave
Frozen Steal Cut Oats- Cooks in 3.5 minutes
Organic red bell peppers
Organic Romaine Lettuce
Organic Canned Pumpkin- When in season
Organic Unsweetened Applesauce
thin pork chops


Organic Baby Leaf Spinach
Organic Bananas
Frozen Petite Brussel Sprouts
Unsalted Fresh Ground Almond Butter
Unsweetened Almond Milk
Quaker Rice Cakes
Lundenberg Rice Cakes
Ex Lean Turkey
Ground Bison
water chestnuts
No Salt Small Curd 1% Cottage Cheese
Best Foods Olive Oil Mayo
Good Belly Priobotic Plus Blueberry Acai Flavor
Rice pasta
and so Much More..........

Oh and I get my protein powders from  They have Excellent Customer Service!
My favorite Protein Powder is:  Magnum Quattro  It doesn't give me gas, shakes up easy, and taste great!!  It is a bit pricey though...........second runner would be "ON Whey"  Optimum Nutrition.  It's cheaper, shakes up great too and they have a ton of flavors.  It doesn't bloat me either.

For adding muscle and Recovery:  Branch Chain Amino Acids, L Glutamine, NO XS, NoXplode

I also use Juice Plus to get my vitamins.  I take Fish Oil, Calcium with D, Focus Factor, Vit E, Move Free for joints and Buffing and Boosting pills.

I'm always interested to try new things and I love when I see what other people are doing and eating.  I hope this Blog may have given you some ideas and something new for you to try : )


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