Monday, January 10, 2011

The Jamaica Challenge is ON!!

These pictures were taken in November at the Buffmother Event before the Holiday Season.  Since then I've added some bodyfat with choices I made through the Holidays.  The plan now is to get rid of the fat before I need to wear a suit in Jamaica.  Why do I push myself so hard, why do I care what I look like when I'm there?  I guess I'm an OA~Over Achiever as my brother would say.  I know I'll feel my best when I'm at my desired weight.  I want to feel my best when I'm on vacation. I don't want to have to think about the 5lbs I know I'll regain while I'm enjoying myself there.  I went to Hawaii a couple of years ago without loosing the weight first and it really bothered me and so I know the difference. 
It's for Me.

So how do I plan on getting to my Goal of 123/124~

My POA (Plan of Action for 30 Days)
You have to have a PLAN

Monday 1/10-  Chest, Tris, Abs, and 30 min Fat Burning Cardio~Boost
Tuesday 1/11-  Legs, Abs, 30 Min Cardio~ Boost
Wednes 1/12-  Back, Shoulders, Biceps, 20 min Intervals on Stepmill~ Boost
Thursday 1/13-  Off or something at home.  Listen to my body
Friday 1/14-  Legs, Abs, 30 min Cardio~ Boost
Saturday 1/15-  Chest, Tri's, Abs, 20 min Intervals on the spin bike~ Boost
Sunday 1/16- OFF Church
Monday 1/17-  Chest, Tris, Abs and 20 min Intervals on the Stepmill~Buffing
Tuesday 1/18-  Legs, Abs, 30 min Fatburning on the Recumbant Bike~Buffing
Wednes 1/19-  Back, Shoulders, Biceps, 20 min Intervals on the Stepmill~Buffing
Thursday 1/20-  Off or something at home.  Listen to my body~Buffing
Friday 1/21- Legs, Abs, 40 min Fat burning cardio~Buffing
Saturday 1/22- Something at home~ Buffing
Sunday 1/23- Church OFF
Monday 1/24- 20 min Fat Burning on elliptical, Superset Chest, Tris, Abs and 30 min cardio~Buffing
Tuesday 1/25- Plyo Ham and Bootay focus Legs, Abs, 30 min cardio~Buffing
Wednes 1/26- 20 min fat burning cardio elliptical, SS Back, Bis, Abs, 20 min Intervals on the Stepmill
Thursday 1/27- Off or something at home~Listen to body
Friday 1/28- SS Shoulders, Legs, 30 min fat burning cardio~Buffing
Saturday 1/29- SS Chest, tris, Abs, Sprints~ Buffing
Sunday 1/30- Church OFF~  Planned Cheat
Monday 1/31-  30 min Fatburning Cardio and 30 Min Boot Camp at home~ Buffing
Tuesday 2/1- Plyo Legs Ham and Bootay Focus, Abs, 30 min cardio~ Buffing
Wednesday 2/2- 20 min cardio, Back, Shoulders, Biceps, 20 min Interval cardio~ Buffing
Thursday 2/3- OFF Listen to Body~Buffing
Friday 2/4- 10 min cardio, SS Legs, Abs, 30 min Fatburning Cardio~Buffing
Saturday 2/5- 20 min cardio, SS Chest, Tris, Abs, ~Buffing
Sunday 2/6- OFF Church and Packing
Monday 2/7~ 30 min Fatburning Cardio, Full Body workout~
Tuesday 2/8 ~~~~~~~Jamaica!!

So 80% of my success will be in my eating.  Boosting I'll be taking in the 1500-1700 calories and Buffing I'll be shooting for 1100-1300 range.  I'll be cycling my carbs the last three weeks.  Sundays and Thursdays will be my higher Carb days. 

So there it is............My Plan!  Now all I need to do is follow it.

Today weight up to 129.5 and sleep not as good as the rest of the week.  I do Believe that I'm going into Boosting.  It's hard to know when you're in Menopause.  Watching your weight, Sleep Patterns, Brain Focus, skin help to know where you are through the month. 

Tomorrow I'll be Back!!  My goal for this 2011 year is to be better at Blogging, Get Organized here at home, Get back to Church, Read 30 min a day and be better about relationships and run a half marathon in April in Napa Boothe State Park.  The Beyond is here.........

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