Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleep............Awww it Feels so GOOD!!

Sleeping  It worked........  My workout kicked my butt yesterday and I slept like a BABY!!
It felt so Good!!
Sleep is just so Important!  Here is a snipet from the LanceArmstrong Website on Sleep and the importance of good sleep and weightloss. 

The human body requires fuel in order to function correctly. Just as a machine would malfunction if you take away an essential part, the body fails to operate in a competent manner if you remove an essential component. Sleep is a crucial element to retain energy and stamina throughout the day. In addition, sleep supports the maintenance of balancing in hormone levels, which significantly affects body weight and body fat. A good night's sleep allows the body to restore the physical and mental stresses of the day and provides the body with the vital means to function correctly.

The Link Between Sleep and Weight

Although researchers are still in the initial stages of finding the comprehensive medical correlations between sleep and weight loss, studies show that people who get an adequate amount of sleep each night (6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep) generally weigh less. It makes sense that sleep supports weight loss; the amount of sleep you are able to get significantly affects two of the hormones in the human body that influence the appetite. Grehlin is a hormone in the body that enhances appetite and can lead to weight gain. Leptin is a hormone in the body that represses appetite and can support weight loss. A lack of sleep disturbs the hormonal balance and the body suffers; the result of insufficient sleep leads to an increase in Grehlin and a decrease in Leptin levels, which inevitably leads to weight gain.

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So everyone get Good Sleep!! 

I am so SORE from Leg Day yesterday!!

So today was Chest, Tris and Intervals on the Stepmill

Warm up on the Stepmill 10 min

BB Chest Press
Warm up with Bar 20ct
Incline BB Chest Press
Incline DB Chest Flys
Unassisted Dips
Tricep Pushdowns on the outside bar/Tricep Pull outs drop weight
30#@10 20@10x3
20 min Stepmill Intervals
Low speed 12
High Speed 12,14,16,18,18,18,18.........I try and run through those 18 speeds
Nice sweaty mess!
1) 1/2 C oats, Frozen blueberries, smidge of almonds, and 4 egg whites on the side
2) Barleans Lemon Zest Fish Oil, Vanilla PP, Spinach, 1/4 banana, unsweetned almond milk
3) Tuna, Olive Oil Mayo, 3 brown Quaker rice cakes (21Grams carbs)
4) Chocolate PP and PB2 with unsweetned almond milk (Yummy....taste like a dessert)
5) Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans

I have a feeling that I sleep well tonight too!  I'm tired!
I figure we'll Boost until Saturday~



  1. Dang Julie, You aren't eating very much! Is this a crash diet for you or typical?

  2. I was hoping you'd read my eats. Where do you see I could make improvement with boosting?
    Also last night I did end up eating with my chicken some chicken apple sausage.