Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Powerful Expectations

This was written by Ralph Marston whom I happen to think is Awesome!  Great Wonderful Words to Marinate in~ 

Powerful Expectations~

What are you doing when you're not thinking about what you're doing? You're busy fulfilling the most sincere expectations you have for yourself.
That's why your expectations are so important. They take control during the times when you lose yourself in whatever you're doing, and thus they exert a powerful influence. When you truly expect something, it's like programming your mind to seek it out every chance it gets. Expectations have a way of becoming reality even in the moments when you're not aware that you're making them happen.
Your genuine expectations of others work in a similar fashion. The expectations you have for someone else are communicated to that person in a way that can easily override whatever you do or say on a conscious level.
Real, ingrained expectations go beyond intentions, beyond pronouncements, beyond the surface, to a level that is deep and undeniable. Whatever you truly expect to happen, is very likely going to happen.
So expect the very best, of yourself and of others, with sincerity, conviction and persistence. Almost as if by magic, it will come to be.
-- Ralph Marston

I Just Love this Line...........
Whatever You Truly Expect to Happen, is Very Likely Going to Happen!!

If you Expect to have Success!!  It can be yours~
If you Expect to Fail~  It will be yours~

Choose Success!!  Expect the Very Best!!  "Work" toward what it is that you're seeking~

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