Monday, October 25, 2010


I find that when I write out a plan and log daily that I am much more successful!!  I have 19 Days left until I get some professional photos taken.  I need to be at my possible best by then.  I do know that I have next weekend which will be a challenge for eating.  I want to put that good time in this plan.  I'm going to also have my husband get some pictures taken.  Pictures and measurements for me tell what's really going on.  The scale helps too.........but you just can't use that as your total compass for what's really going on.
So Today is Day 19 and so the countdown begins~
On tap for today
Fasted cardio for 30 min. 
Eat my first meal and then later in the morning I'll do a chest/tri/ab workout.  I am BUFFING~

Here is my POA for the Week~

Week of 10/25
 Monday- Fasted cardio in the AM and Chest/Tris/Abs at home,
Tuesday- Back/Biceps/Shoulders/Abs/ Running Intervals
Wednesday- Legs Glute and Hammie Focus and 30min SS cardio
Thursday- Full Body Workout Physique57 and later 30 min cardio
Friday- Chest, Triceps, Abs, Running Intervals- Leave to go to the Napa Valley Wine tasting with friends
Saturday - Not sure..........Depends on where we're at.  We have company that we'll be entertaining.
Sunday- Legs Focus on Quads and SS Cardio on Stepmill -  Lori's Birthday 

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