Friday, October 22, 2010

Lots of "F's" and "W's"

Taking time to catch my breath!!  It’s been a busy week of “F’s” FUN, FOOD, FRIENDS, FAMILY and “W’s” WINE, WORKOUTS, WORKING!!
We’ve been wine tasting and celebrating my friends 25th Wedding Anniversary at some Wineries in Livermore.  Marlene and Cindy in this picture both friends from gradeschool~

Enjoying the Release of the new “Lineage” Wine from Steven Kent Winery
Heading down to Monterey for 3 Days of more Wine, Food, Bike Riding, Hiking, Relaxing and Massage

The Sardine Factory~
Now back for Damage Control!!  All that fun ends up taking its toll!!
I’ve had some Amazing workouts!!  Yesterday I killed it with Legs!!  I haven’t been this sore in a Very Long time!!  Feeling it in all the right places!!  Today was Chest, Abs and Stepmill Intervals. 
I am BUFFING!!  IT’s all about loosing weight and maintaining my muscle.  Today I was @ 126.  Taking away some carbs and cycling them.
People ask me all the time what are you training for now.  I tell them the “Competition of Life”!!  I want to maintain a strong and healthy body so that I can do the things I enjoy like Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Running, Playing with my grandson, and anything else that requires some action!!  I Love Action!! 

This month is going to be Very Challenging!!  I have some FUN stuff on the calendar that will for sure be testing my Will!!  Then I’ll be doing a Photo Shoot on Nov. 12th!!  I need to try and keep that FOCUS!
Tomorrow I am planning on doing some fasted elliptical cardio at the house and the Physique 57 Full body workout and then having the family over to celebrate my youngest childs birthday.  Janine is 25 years old today!!  Happy Birthday Janine!! 

My Daughters Jessica when she was pregneant and Janine the Birthday Girl today!! 

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