Thursday, October 28, 2010

Competiton Picture and Maintaining Balance

Sharing my Professional Photo from that last and final Competition!!  Yes it is my final one too.  I know people are skeptical of that answer because I said that about the last one two years ago.  Well this time I DO mean it.  My next goal or endeavor will be in a new direction.  Stay Tuned!!

So I am feeling my Leg workout from yesterday!!  I'm Loving that!!  I think my Legs are responding to the higher reps through this Buffing Phase.

Weight today 125.  I'm very happy about that.  I'm back to my protein shakes too.  I missed them.  I Love my Vanilla shake with almond milk, a huge old handful of spinach and sometimes a banana.  Gives me Energy and makes me feel strong. I made some yummy meatballs yesterday.  I'll share the recipe:

1 pound of ground beef  ( bison works too, yesterday I actually doubled the amounts and used half organic grass fed 85/15fat and another pound I used 96/4fat.  I think half bison and beef is really good)
1/2 C Oats
1 egg
chopped onions
1 C chopped fresh spinach
You might need to add an extra egg white into this.  I find that once I get the stuff mixed together that if you let it set so that the oats get absorbed into the meat that it taste and works better.
So you make balls and then brown them in a frying pan.  After they're done you put them in a crock pot on low for about an hour or two.

So today I just did fasted cardio at home.  The painters are here working on the house and hopefully they'll be done today : )

Tomorrow we leave for Napa.  We're taking my husbands coworker and his wife from Washington to taste in that valley and then we're coming back to the Livermore Valley to taste.  We'll be eating at a place called Hurley's in Yountville.  Yummy food on the horizon~ Then probably out to dinner Saturday night here in Livermore.  This is Why I've been busting my butt with my workouts.  I know what's coming and so I'm trying to be proactive of my FUN.

Finding that Balance~

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