Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What do You Believe?

Today was Back, Shoulder and Bis with some Running Intervals on the Treadmill
Trying to keep my Fitness Level UP UP UP!!!!

So today's workout went like this:
10 Min warm up on the Stepmill.....Got to get the Blood Moving
Asst Pull ups 65# setting x10x3 sets  Warm Up
Pull Ups
4,4,4.....the last two Lori did have to spot me on the last one....a little push on the tush!!
My Goal is to get to 6 at least unassisted
Widegrip Pull Downs
90,100,110,120,100       10,8,6,4,10
Dorsi Flexor Machine 21's 7 Narrow, 7 Medium, 7 Wide Grip
Hammer Front Lat Pull Downs
90,100,110,110           10,6,6,6
Hammer Shoulder Press
50,60,70,80,60         10,8,6,6,10
Side Lateral Raises
15# DB one arm at a time for 6 ct each side
Paired this with Bent Over Flys
15# DB x8x3
Incline Bench Bicep Curls
25# DB's x 8 X 1 set
30# DB's X 6 X 2 set
Running Intervals on the Treadmill 5 low end and 7, 7, 8, 8, 8.5, 9, 9....I think that was the progression and then ran to cool down and finished it off with a walk.

Eats so far Today:
1) 1/2 c oats, organic pumpkin, spices, 4 egg whites
2) Protein powder, Unsweetened Organic Almond milk, Big Handful of Organic Spinach, 1/2 Tbsp Total Omega Oil, and 1/2 Grapefruit on the side
Lunch will be a big salad with Organic Spinach, Organic Romaine Lettuce, Organic Chicken, Walnuts, Organic Cucumber, Basil
Snack:  Organic Chicken and Organic Applesauce will sprinkled sliced almonds
Dinner:  Bison NY Steak, Salad, Organic Asparagus

Today's thoughts while on the Treadmill........Believing~
What do you Believe?
What is your Brain Telling you?  Does it tell you that your too old to get started, to out of shape, to busy, to whatever~  You know that our Brains are very Powerful and what ever you tell yourself you will Believe.
The GLORY of it is THIS.........You can tell yourself Positive things too.....And Believe it!!
It's Never Too Late, You CAN find time to workout because you are that important, You CAN feel BETTER with just a few minutes a day of Devotion to your health, If there is a body part that is causing you pain you have other parts you can work on until you feel better.  You catch my drift............
Go after your Goals to feel and look Better!!  You can DO it!!  Just Believe and take it a Day at a time............Patience because Rome wasn't built in a day and it will take TIME for you too.  The effort is so worth it!!  Think of the alternatives........Choose to Live, Feel BETTER and BELIEVE in yourself!!

I think back when I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  These are the things that were going on in my life:
My diet was poor.  I was drinking at least 3 diet Cokes a day, too much wine almost every night to help with the pain, lots of white stuff....flour and sugar, not enough good nutrients, Night shift work with too many poor sleeping nights and the biggest evil of all was STRESS in the production work that I was doing.  7 weeks of nights, 7 weeks of days, 12 hour shifts, 4 days on. 4 days off and mandatory OT.  I was a TOXIC MESS!  You know what the Doctor wanted to do.......add more Toxic to the pool with some anti-depressants.  I'm not saying they're bad and some people need them, but it's not what I needed.  He asked me nothing about diet or was that concerned with the Stress.
I am so Glad and THANK GOD that I CHOOSE to research and find out more about our bodies and what's worked for other people to have a symptom FREE life!! 
My Steps toward that were (I repeat Steps....It didn't happen overnight):
1.  I joined a gym and started out walking on the treadmill a little bit each day.  You need to move to release Toxins in your body.
2. I started taking Vitamin supplements and was religious in taking them. 
3.  Quit drinking Diet COKE!
4.  Took white stuff out of my diet
5.  Quit the Stressful Job
6.  I continued and continue to try and learn more!
7.  I try and eat mostly organic these days
8.  Eat more Greens
9.  Limit Dairy and Grains
10.  Drink Lots of Water

These Days I have a Symptom Free Life and as a result of all these steps have incorporated have shaved some years off my age.  Many people think I'm at least 10 years younger than I am and that's the side benefit to these new ways.

I know many people in our society eat the way I used to and that is why we have such high rates of disease out there.  I have people all the time ask me what I do to have a symptom free life as many people these days are diagnosed with Fibro or other immune problems.  So this is how I Choose to Live a Better Day and my Goal is to at least inspire others and share that a Healthy Life is there's if they Choose.  God brought us into this world to be Healthy and Alive and to be able to LOVE and Be LOVED.  To Love others we need to Learn to Love and take care of ourselves!! 

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