Saturday, October 9, 2010

Goals Are Great!

It's been a full week now since Competition. 
Here I was again on the day of Competition.  I'm sporting my Buffmother Tank Top!! 

Todays weight..........127  Time to get that back in control.  I know alot of it is just junk weight....water and glycogen but still....My goal is 124 with all that in me.  I just signed up for a photo shoot with Emily and so BIG motivation now to get them eats under control.

  Today for a workout I'm going to do a fullbody Physique57 workout.   I've done this workout one time before and it really is a good workout!!  It's different and Change is good when dealing with the body.  You know our bodies are smart and they need Change in routine.  Challenge=Change!!

I signed up for a Photo Shoot five weeks from today when we have our Buffmother Gathering (  I have another Goal besides just good Health!!  Goals are Great for keeping and holding us accountable!!  So tonight while I'm at this wine and food pairing that I'm going to at Izzy's Steakhouse I'll need to have that Goal in my sights.  I still plan on enjoying myself them carbs!!  They're Sneaky!! 

So What are your Goals? 

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