Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Body is the Trophy, My placing does not Define Me ~~

One of the Ladies that I know just competed for her first time and this was in her comments.  I Like this and Believe it is true!!  A placing, or even how much a person weighs does not define them.  There is always someone that will be ahead or better than you.  Working toward Having a Healthy Body that you can navigate through this life is what's important.  Working toward Your Ultimate Best because we are All Ever Evolving Ourselves as we learn, grow and do more. Finding Balance of Body, Mind and Soul!  I really think it's all connected.
The person I am today could kick the butt of who I was at 30.  Someone once said that to me not too long ago as I was running the stairs of the stepmill at the gym and I thought about it and it's true.  I am in better shape and health than I was back then.  If I took who I was back then and put myself up on stage with who I am now I would for sure win now.
Just this morning I had someone look at my ATM card and ask when was this picture taken?  I said about 9 years ago.......he said you look younger now.  Working out, eating better and learning more about both are what have made the difference. 
So to all I say.........Find Balance, Be Your Best, Be Healthy, and Enjoy YOUR Trophy!!

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  1. I love and agree with that staement! It really is true =)