Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where there's a Will there's a Way!

So today I had my workout all in hand and went out to the garage to hop in the car to get to the gym to discover that there is something wrong with the garage door and so I couldn't get my car out!!  I had to ride my bike to the gym. Where there's a Will There is a Way......Also...One way to get my warmup in : )

Leg workout went like this:
BB Squat
10,8,6,4,10        95,135,155,165,135
10,8,6,4,10              95,135,155,165,135
One Legged Romanian Lunge Forward Focus
25 DB x 8 x  3
Glute Ham Raises......Hard!!  Assisted
Drill Side Lunge....Very Low Army Stance
40 steps x 3
Kick Backs inbetween
20 min Fat Burning on the Stepmill
Rode my Bike home~
To no electicity.......didn't get my favorite shake with spinach : (

Kyle came and we've been hanging all day.  I've been making him food and he feeds himself now.  He's eating like grandma now............eggs with spinach, squash, bananas, etc......yesterday we gave him some grapefruit.  The look on his face was priceless. 
Eats today:
1) 1/2 C oats, pumpkin, raisins, almonds,  and 4 egg whites on the side
Worked out
2) pshake, almond milk, 1/2 TBSP Total Omega Oil
3) Brown Rice cake and Almond butter
4) Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, Basil, chicken, Brown Rice and Walnuts
5) Chicken and applesauce
6) Atkins Bar
7) Spaghetti and salad

Yes, I am BOOSTING!!!! 

My weight today was 127 and so I'm holding.  I am looking forward to BUFFING now......yep about 2 weeks is all I can handle of eating so much. 

So I found this picture of me that was taken 4 years ago.  It's right when I joined the Buffmother Rally Room.  I have for sure made a drop in weight since then.

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