Friday, October 8, 2010

My Journey to the Stage~~Results 7th in Masters, 6th in Open

 A picture of the Two Amazing Women that I met at the competition.  On the Left is Kristy and the Right of me Aneeta.  Not only are they Beautiful on the Outside but on the Inside too!!  Meeting them was really the Win of the Day!!

Here is my Journey~

First I’ll start with the night before and getting my tan.  I was instructed to call once I got to the hotel where they were spraying so I could find out what room they were in.  I knock on the door to find two girls and a guy spraying girls.  I think there were a total of 8 of us in there with workers and competitors.  I walk up and the guy says to me……this is your lucky day.  You got the best.  I train all these other women.  I’ve been doing this for 20 years.  Told to take my clothes off and put them in a pile and so the spraying begin.  I was a bit surprised but thought of child birth and pretty much related it to that.  These people see hundreads of naked bodies…….it’s nothing to them.  The guy is the same one that is pictured on their website and I had also seen him in the utube video with Ava Cohen.  So after I got my tan and stood there waiting for it to dry I was thinking……..Why am I doing this again??  Yes, the part I really don’t like.  I was rolling my eyeballs at myself.  I drove home in my car on a sheet and it took about 45min……having to go pee most of the way home.  I was ready to die when I walked in the front door.  I was exhausted and went to sleep around 930pm.
Got up at 5am and Sheri was at my house by 6 to do my hair.  My weight that morning was 120.5.  I had woken up at 1am and still hadn’t released the 2lbs and so I took a couple more of the Diaretics and it worked by the time 5am was there.
I had been feeling kind of flat the past couple of days and not having much experience with this part of it I was kind of uneasy as to what to do and when to do it.  It’s hard for me to look at my body subjectively in this state.  So I just kept with the program.  When we got there for check in I noticed it was BUSY…..all the makeup counters were full and girls busy at work getting themselves ready.  I grabbed an empty small counter spot and asked the girl if I could squeeze in there.  She was really nice and said yes.  I had actually situated myself between someone who I was competing with.  Her name is Kristy and she’s 49.  She competes often and was a big help to me and it was nice to hang out with her.  She lives in San Jose and has one child.  She’s an HR for the University of San Jose. I couldn’t get over her muscle and got a lot of great ideas from her.   On the other side of me was Joy….and what a JOY she was!  She was 35 and looked Awesome!!  She had 4 kids and was a Dental Hygenist.  Now on the other side of Kristy was Aneeta from England living here now.  WoW!!  What a beauty!  40 Years old and also has a 16 year old like Kristy.  She’s of Indian descent and has the most amazing skin.  Her husband is her dietician and what I found fascinating about her is that she doesn’t dehydrate down.  She had the day of the show already drank 1.5 gallons of water.  She looked really healthy!!
So it took forever to get on stage.   They were running late and kept changing what exactly they wanted us to do once we got on stage.  They were going to take away the T pose and just have us go out there and do one pose and then stand in our lines.  Then they changed in and had us go out there and do our T pose with a threat that if it took more than 10 seconds to do that we would be dinged for that.  So we all went out there and tried to be quick.  They had us form the two lines on the stage.  They Called out five girls who got out there and did one round of ¼ turns and then the next round of us.  I didn’t even get my front pose in because they went so fast.  They made their minds up and we were off the stage.  I couldn’t believe it!!  I know a lot of the girls that were competing do this all the time and so maybe they just had their minds made up before we even got out there.
Oh Well…… after that I really didn’t even want to do the open figure.  But of course I did it.  We were finally done at 2 and then left for so much needed lunch.  We went to Mimis and I had a steak, some salad, some of my dh’s muffin and some of his fries.  Then we drove to my MIL who lives close to where the comp was and I took a nap while DH went into work.  His work is close to there too.  Then back to the show for briefing at 5:30.  We were out of there at 10pm which is better than what I feared.
My friends Lori, Nancy and Susie came to see me as well as my DD’s and my DH.  My DH took pictures but they came out awful!!  He was too close and had the wrong lens on and so nothing too great to share.  I did buy the package where they take pics of me and so hopefully they got some good ones.
After the show my dh and my dd’s and I all went to IHOP in Livermore and I got grainy pancakes, sausage and eggs.  It was good……..I was beat!  There eating was a man and his wife who had just been to the show too.  Just to watch and see if it’s something she might want to do in the future.  I told her she should at least try it……overcome her fear and do it once.  It might be for her.  Nice couple……..
The Comp is over and now it's time to get ready for our gathering~ and meeting more Amazing Women in November!!  I think that is for sure the best part of the competitions!!

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  1. Julie, It's Kristy! Oh you are so wonderful!! You and I know how much work and effort these events are, and how we say we won't EVER do them again, but you know as well as I do that meeting other women at these is what keeps us going! You are one BUFF MOTHER!!!